English version

The Ghost Town

Translation edited by: Arianna Cassani.

It was 1960, we are in Rovaiolo Vecchio, a small village shielded 500 metres high, on the Appennino Pavese on the border with Emilia Romagna.

All of a sudden, the Prefecture, after having registered some suspicious movements in the mountains, gave the eviction order.

The paesants, about 100 people who have been living in that borough for several generations, in a few hours had to leave everything where it was: their house, the stalls, the furniture and whichever utensil that they were used to use in their everyday life.

The same inhabitants were encouraged and incentivized by notable public aid, because they had to move quickly to the other bank of the river Avagnone, one of the tributaries of Trebbia river, in Rovaiolo Nuovo.

A glimpse of Avagnone RiverA glimpse of Avagnone River

Ironically, in the place that had to be their new safehaven, occurred the feared landslide. Luckily, it didn’t cause damage, but all the people that had finally found a safeplace to stay, couldn’t go back to Rovaiolo Vecchio anymore.

Here it is still 1960.

An oldshoe and a spoon, that letusknow how quickly the inhabitantshad to abandontheirhouses An old shoe and a spoon, that let us know how quickly the inhabitants had to abandon their houses

An oldplate and pieces of cutlery time has frozen themoments of that night wheneverythingwasnormal An old plate and pieces of cutlery: time has frozen the moments of that night when everything was normal

A glimpse of an oldwindowbetterconserved, with itscurtain open creatingsuspence A glimpse of an old window better conserved, with its curtain open creating suspence

A detail of the inside of an oldhouse in Rovaiolo Vecchio in the foregroundwe can seethe remains of an oldmirrorA detail of the inside of an old house in Rovaiolo Vecchio: in the foreground we can see the remains of an old mirror

Close-up of an oldwindow and of the remains of an oldcurtain of one of the houses of Rovaiolo VecchioClose-up of an old window and of the remains of an old curtain of one of the houses of Rovaiolo Vecchio

In between the weedswe can seewhat_sleft of an oldshutterIn between the weeds we can see what’s left of an old shutter

Front of two housesFront of two houses


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