English version

Praise of Beauty

Translation edited by: Arianna Cassani.

Article written by: Rocco Carta.


The sun that rises every day with its games of lights and shadows.Colours like red and orangethat announce sunset. Beauty.

The patch of the moon, half or full, dancing in the night together with the stars. Beauty.

A child that runs in a park, swift and carefree, playing hide-and-seek accompanied by the cheer of his friends and followed by the liberating shout that frees everybody: “Hide!”. Beauty.

The joy in saying I’m able, I made it, I am committed and I don’t surrender, admit that sometimessome help may be needed. Beauty.

The hugs, physical or metaphorical, when you least expect them and yet they arrive, they squeeze you, they are gratifying and you return them. Beauty.

The rustling of the leaves moved by the delicate and wild winds, the gracefulness of a pine and the regality of an oak. Beauty.

Two hearts around billions of heartbeats, they search for each other and they find themselves and, from that instant on, they decide to start beating with one voice, creating a jam session called love. Beauty.

The eyes of the elders, intenseand seemingly tired. Eyes that saw a lot and that are still filled with many things, dictating words that turn out to be tales and memories of life and lives, ready to be heard and ready to be respected. Beauty.

A river that flows, the view of the sea and the view of the wave that falls upon the rock, the peaceful calmness of a lake and the refreshment secured by a fountain from which you can drink. Beauty.

Packing the bags for a journey. Leaving, discovering the beauties and the places, letting people met in other places contaminate you, crossing boundaries and distances and understanding that distances and boundaries are just barriers and barbed wire. Beauty.

Listening to the news bulletin and being surprised when, at last, it doesn’t tell only bad news. Beauty.

Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the reading of a book, being emotionally accompanied by a song, following its rhythm while dancing on it. Beauty.

It has to be searched, chased, found and valued, and it’s here, in the things that we are living, observing, breathing, in and out of us.

Eventually it has to be bestowed to all, without being afraid of losing it and without being afraid of never winning it back. Beauty, You know, generates Beauty and in this anguished world, I know it and you know it too, we must look for Beauty.


2 commenti su “Praise of Beauty

  1. Beautiful! Reblogging this to my sister site “Timeless Wisdoms”

    Mi piace

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