English version

Voice-Over Suitcase

Translation edited by: Arianna Cassani.

Article written by: Rocco Carta.

Installation by: Ignazio Fresu.

I know everything about You, about Your dreams. I read them every time You put Your hands on me to take me with You in Your adventures.

You don’t have secrets, You take with You hope, joy and pain, goodbye and farewell, escape routes and desires. Sometimes they are heavier that the things You put inside me.

It’s my job, I take a part of You wherever You go, a part of the memories You are leaving.

I will help You to take You where You want and I will call to Your mind how important is coming back home.

I will be empty for the time that Your stay requires and ready to be filled up when Your heart and Your feet will decide to get in the way.

Authentic document of the traveller.

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